Sequoia and King’s Canyon: Tokopah Falls Trail

Useful Info:

Length: 3.40 miles from trailhead, 4.35 miles from campground
Elevation Gain: 917 ft
Difficulty: 3/10
Terrain notes: dirt trail, large boulders
Cost – Free
Open – When accessible. See Sequoia NP link for alerts.
Date Hiked: – June 2014

Useful Links:

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Tokopah Falls on Redwood Hikes
Sequoia Nation Park homepage and alerts

Tokopah FallsTokopah Falls Trail is a great little out-and-back hike that is easily accessible from the road and the campground. After visiting several of the parks better known trees and attractions during my first trip to Sequoia National Park, I felt that I had gotten a good taste of the park and didn’t plan to return for a while, then we did this hike and I knew that I’d be back the next year to explore more of the trails! Tokopah Falls Trailhead Tokopah Falls Trail along the riverThe trailhead for Tokopah Falls is right next to Lodgepole campground and easily accessible from the parking lot. It is a popular trail. It begins following along the river, where campers are often swimming, tanning, and fishing. It then diverges from the water into a more wooded area.

Tokopah Fall Trail Trail We have seen a momma bear with 2 cubs both times we have hiked here. The bears were across a small meadow and minding their own business. We have also seen marmots, and once even baby marmots, on the trail! They seem partial to the rocky outcroppings along the trail. Marmot! Momma and baby bearsThe path emerges from the wooded area, to an purely rocky location, and soon after rejoins the water at the falls! The cascading and shimmering pools are a nice reward for the short hike.

The Falls
Photo by Paul
Next to the falls
Photo by Paul

Here is my RunKeeper info. The distance is shown a little over 4 miles rather than a little under because we started at our Lodgepole campsite:Tokopah Falls Map Tokopah Falls Trail Elevation

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